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Behavioral, Psychosocial and Ecological Aspects of Health and Disease


Subject: Human Behavior
Credits: 3
Prerequesites: Not Available
Applies To & Method Type: Practice Area Concentration, HLTH HBSE
Faculty Approval Date: 09/03/2014

Course Description

This course will survey the distribution, determinants, and psychological and behavioral aspects of health and disease across the life span. Social, economic, environmental, and cultural variations in and determinants of health, disease, and quality of life will be addressed, including the influence of factors such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and biological and genetic factors. Barriers to access and utilization, geopolitical influences, environmental justice, social injustice and racism, historical trends, and future directions will be reviewed. Health beliefs and models of health behavior will be presented, including help-seeking and utilization of health services. Stress, coping and social support, adaptation to chronic illness, the influences of privilege, stigma and discrimination, quality of life, and death and dying will also be covered.

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