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Advanced Topics in Macro Social Work

SW799, Section 007

This course presents advanced topics in macro social work practice. The topics may include emerging
macro practice issues and advanced application of specific methods.

Topic Description / Additional Information

This minicourse teaches participants to use social media as a tool for community organizing. Participants will use the internet and social networks as easily integrated spaces designed to share information with peers and provide quick ways to organize communities and increase the reach of a group’s voice. This minicourse covers the following topics: (1) Relationship building via Facebook & Twitter; (2) Facebook content for organizers; (3) Blogging—hosts and content ideas; (4) Twitter content for organizers; (5) Use of video; (6) Mobile social networking; (7) Location-based social networks; (8) Online safety; (9) Discussions of: “safe” spaces online, online dialogue, and traditional organizing methods. Core competencies including critical thinking, social justice, and social equity are also examined and discussed in detail.

Semester: Fall 2017
Instructor: Larry M. Gant
Topic: Social Media for Social Change
U-M Class #: 25273
Time: Sat Saturdays October 14 and 21, 2017 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: 3816 SSWB
Credits: 1 Credit Hours

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