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Jane A. Rafferty

Curtis Center Research Area Specialist

Jane A. Rafferty

Jane works across the full arc of the research process, including planning and writing grants, planning and performing analyses, writing journal articles and technical reports. She assists on household surveys tapping, but not limited to measures of physical health, mental health, political participation, social support, sources of stress, and the variation in the meaning of race and ethnicity across national contexts. We take the notion of intersectionality seriously; critical analyses of health disparities assess the joint effects of race, ethnicity, immigration status, socioeconomic status, and sex. Extending descriptive examinations, we explore pathways that link the social environment, sources of stress, both social and biological, coping behaviors (e.g. use of alcohol, nicotine, and over-eating), and mental and physical health outcomes. We evaluate the trade-off between physical health and mental health; are certain coping behaviors protective of one’s mental health working through the stress-response psychoneuroimmunological systems but detrimental to one’s physical health.


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