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CASC Graduates

Tanzima Ahad
"I CASC because I have had enough of the injustices of this world. I CASC because change is imperative. I CASC because I want to help make a difference--a difference that is long overdue."
Selena Bazzi
"I CASC because we should not wait for change, rather be the change."
Allison Bloomberg
"I CASC to provide others with a sense of community and belonging"
Alexandria Bly
"I CASC because I love"
Camryn Bullock
"Stories are a communal currency of humanity. --Tahir Shah"
Hope Crystal
"I CASC because I want to help make the world a more equitable place."
Dipita Das
"I CASC because I want to learn how to uplift my community voice"
Meredith Days
"I chose to do CASC because I wanted social justice education to be a central part of my education at Michigan!"
Mackenzie Fee
"I CASC because I want to ensure that every child has the ability to determine their own future through equitable, accessible, and supportive education."
Cassidy Guerro
"I CASC because I want to be an active participant in building and improving my community."
Sarah Jeng
"To grow my own understanding of my identity and learn how to be a better change maker and work towards a better future."
Kayla Kane
"I CASC to educate myself about social injustices, especially the inequity in healthcare, in order to work with my community and to achieve growth as an individual."
Sara Kenward
"I CASC to incorporate my passions for art and design with community engagement and social justice. My experiences in CASC continue to influence how I value diversity and my work towards equity and inclusion, as well as provided the skills to confidently advocate for myself and to become an upstander."
Rachel Kushner
"I 'CASC' to be prepared with the strategies needed to transform empathetic concern into compassionate action and confidently assess whether my impact matches up with my intentions."
Kent Lui
"I CASC because I believe that businesses can be the greatest force for good, knowing that economic value is not the only type of value that businesses can bring."
Sarah Mallon
Veronika Misek
"I chose CASC to gain the tools necessary to become a change maker and join in a wonderful community of awesome people."
Julianna Morano
"I CASC because I want to be part of learning communities that challenge each other to reflect on what we're doing, what we do well and what we need to do better at every turn."
Celine Ong
"I am passionate about social change and fighting against injustice and to fight for people who do not have a voice in the world."
Brian Price
"To love humanity and better understand those who are different from myself."
Meghana Ranabothu
"I CASC because it can help address some of the inequalities occurring in society."
Mikah Sherrill
"I CASC because of love spreading love. I love being a light in communities and I start by being the change I wanna see in the world!"
Cierra Shetler
"I CASC because we need better, affordable mental health care for everyone, but especially low-income and marginalized communities. I plan to CASC in the future by doing all I can to help my patients through empowering mental health resources."
Kareem Shunnar
"I just want everyone to be happy"
Margaux Sorenson
"to bring change to communities beyond academia"
Nik Von Seggern
Alyssa Waters
"I CASC to promote future change from a new perspective and influence the next generation of social justice advocates and policy makers."
Rachel Westrick
LeeAnn Whaley
Makayla Wyly
"To make the world more equal"
Stephanie Alcocer
Alexis Allan
Jose Aviles-Elrod
Camryn Banks
Victoria Barrientos
Henry Barsh
Carson Blodgett
"To make social change"
Nicole Borders
Luca Borntrager
Taylor Bradley
Brianna Byard
Nina Chiuchiarelli
Semia Monet Clay
"I CASC to better the world around and be the change that I wish to see."
Dani Cohn
Katherine Rose Coyle
Jordyn Cranis
Sophie Curhan
"To make the world a better place:)"
Nirja Dave
Freddy Delarosa
Teagan Deweese
Ella Draplin
Asahni Eichelberger
"I've learned that every moment counts, and you never know who you're impacting. I love the feeling of being able to make a positive impact on others. I am passionate about finding ways to better underrepresented communities, and also give back to the one that gave me my foundation."
Elizabeth Einig
Seth Finkelstein
Centraya Forbes
Nikoo Ghaffarloo
Miriam Sophie Greenberg
"I CASC because I want to utilize the creative skills I've learned and apply them towards encouraging engagement within communities and supporting social justice efforts."
Heidi Guadalupe Torres
Becca Harley
"To create equitable food systems!"
Julian Ho
Elizabeth Hoornstra
"I CASC because I hope to use the privilege I have with my college education to make higher education more accessible to first generation college students such as myself."
Julia Imershein
Audrey Jackobsen
"Because we have to truly understand the context of our system before we can effectively change it."
Sydney Janecke
Alexander (Alex) Johnson
Giulia Johnson
John Kistler
Marisa Launstein
Jennifer Lee
Emily Levy
Alice Liu
Anna Lopez
Tess Lusson
Sabrina Lutzen
Aditi Mahajan
Rachel Martin
Isabel Martinez
Jonae Maxey
"I CASC because it is time for change. I will embody CASC in all of my future endeavors because change is much needed."
Sarah McCain
Mia McCrumb
Noelle McNamara
Elijah James Meisse
Anna Mogill
Cat Mykolajtchuk
Estrella Alexandra Olivares
Madison Petersen
Amy Ransom
Haley Rau
Brigid Reilly
Alejandro Damian Rivas
Angela Rubi Martinez-Chavez
Sofia Sanchez
Sophia Schwartz
Dillon Shain
Grace Sherbbin
Joseph Kyuhyun Sim
Harmony Skerritt
Emmary Lynn Smith
DeYonte Sullivan
"I CASC to help create a better world for minorities."
Jaya Thyagarajan
Grace VandenBosch
"I CASC because change comes from our communities."
Haley Wise
Sydney Wodika
"Because I love helping others!"
Irene Wong

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