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Well-Being Resources

School of Social Work Resources

  • The School of Social Work Office of Student Services staff is available to link students to needed resources.  Students are also encouraged to reach out to advisors if they face challenges.
  • U-M Counseling and Psychological Services CAPS resources are shared with students and listed in the MSW News. Alejandro Rojas, MSW, is the CAPS embedded counselor with the School of Social Work,. You can reach him by phone at (734) 763-7894 or aroja@umich.edu.
  • University Health Service offers health care and individual wellness coaching to support student’s well-being and can be provided in-person or virtually. Stress Management Resources is a collection of local and national stress management, health, and depression resources.
  • A Video Toolkit to Support the Well-Being of Students of Color
    The National Center for Institutional Diversity at U-M shared a video series featuring scholars and practitioners from across the country who provide evidence-based information for faculty, staff, and providers to foster a positive learning environment and support the mental health and well-being of students of color.
  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Mental Health Resource Guide
    This guide was created with a focus on BlPOC mental health to be utilized by clinicians, patients/clients, and allies. This resource guide is comprehensive; however, not exhaustive.
  • Spectrum Center provides programs, educational opportunities, and resources for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students, faculty, staff and friends.

CAPS Resources

U-M Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has added a variety of resources to meet the mental health needs of our students. Below are offerings we hope you find helpful.

As a reminder, CAPS continues to provide services (tele-counseling, crisis support, and outreach) virtually and private spaces are available in their Central office (4th Floor Michigan Union) for students to connect with their counselor via telecounseling. As needs may arise, CAPS welcomes your questions and consultation (call 734 764 8312) as counselors available 9am-5pm Monday-Friday as well as through CAPS After Hours when their office is not open.

Group, Workshops, and Lunch Series Offering

One of our most popular questions recently has been, “What services can enrolled UM students now living outside of the state of Michigan receive at CAPS?” CAPS is able to provide a number of support options.  However, just like our colleagues at Michigan Medicine, the law prohibits us from providing on-going treatment to students outside of Michigan, although we do offer a one-time clinical consultation to students currently living out-of-state to help them get services where they are.  And, we have ramped up many services offered to students living out-of-state (see attached flyer).  Please help promote this information during the Winter.

CAPS Peer Counseling

Peer Counseling meets the needs of students across the University of Michigan. Peer Counseling (PC) aims to support student mental health needs that may be more appropriate for individual peer to peer support (loneliness, adjustment/transition, managing stress, etc). The program offers students the opportunity to meet with peers who are trained by the professional staff at CAPS. The PC program connects students with someone of a similar age and lifestyle who can serve as a resource or simply someone to talk to.  Find out more about Peer Counseling, see our fabulous 13 peer counselors, and how to sign up here.

Pause, Breathe, Connect

We are offering a series of workshops for all students to reflect on the current series on Netflix called Headspace: Guide to Meditation.

COVID Hub of Resources

We continue to add to our COVID Support During the Pandemic hub of resources.  Of special note, the most viewed resource on this page includes our How To Cope After Learning Someone You Care About Tested Positive for COVID-19 page.

CAPS Stressbusters App

CAPS Stressbusters App is tailored specifically to meet the wellness needs of University of Michigan students.  The App includes features such as a 'Breather' where app users are guided through a visually simulated breathing exercise to regulate breathing and promote relaxation. This tool is available in the 'Calmcierge'. The 'Sonic Spa' includes guided meditation apps of varying lengths to meet each student user's needs, themes include 'Quick Calm' and 'Naptime'. The Sonic Spa also includes music and soothing sounds found in nature to promote relaxation.

Go Blue! A New Student’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving at U-M: Mental Health Tips

In any year, being a new student at UM can be challenging. With the added impact of a global pandemic and being virtual/remote, we know that many students could use some specialized support. Check out this guide to find 18 commonly experienced issues (e.g., making friends, imposter phenomenon, time management, feeling overwhelmed, race-based traumatic stress, etc.), and strategies on how to cope for first year students adjustmenting to U-M.

Faculty Toolkit Now Available To Download

In the Fall of 2019, CAPS launched the Faculty Toolkit with the generous support of the Baldwin Foundation. The toolkit was distributed to each faculty member in all 19 schools/colleges in order to provide the tools needed to better help support college student mental health. We are happy to share that you can now download the new CAPS Faculty Toolkit App for iPhones by searching "CAPS Faculty Toolkit" in the App Store. (Android users:  It is not available at this time, but we are working on it).

CAPS Resources

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