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Read and follow the Core Responsibilities.

Health & Wellness Resources


University Health Service is testing students who have symptoms for COVID-19 or students without symptoms in specific circumstances, which include:

  • Testing is required by your field placement
  • Testing is required prior to a procedure
  • If you have been/suspect you have been exposed to COVID-19
  • If you are in a profession that places you at high risk for exposure to COVID-19

Call University Health Serviceat (734) 764-8320.

Fall Classes

  • Share, Explore, Engage, Discover (SEED) is the School of Social Work's orientation starts August 25.
  • SSW will begin the semester on August 31.
  • Currently there are no global opportunities.
  • We are offering in-person classes, while maintaining a one-third building capacity to allow social distancing. To accomplish this, in-person class sessions will be held roughly once every three weeks (schedule to be finalized soon), using only the large meeting areas. Information on your in-person class sessions will be provided at the earliest date possible.
  • There are students who must be exclusively remote this fall due to factors like health status, caregiving responsibilities, housing or immigration/visa issues. We are offering a number of classes and class sections fully online this fall. Determinations are being made about which classes will be online.
  • There will be no fall break.
  • The last day of in-person classes for the fall term will be November 20, 2020.
  • Fall classes resume online only on November 30 and run to December 8.
  • Exams and final projects will also be conducted online.
  • Your ability to participate in an in-person course as well as your grade may be impacted by failure to comply with campus safety measures. Students seeking to request an accommodation related to the face covering requirement under the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the Office for Institutional Equity. If you are unable or unwilling to adhere to these safety measures while in a face-to-face class setting, you will be required to participate on a remote basis (if available) or to disenroll from the class.

Field Fall Term

  • Field education officially begins the week of August 31.
  • Field education officially ends on December 17.
  • Field agencies have begun to accept students back for in-person field activities on a limited basis.
  • Field education in the fall will include both in-person and remote learning activities, depending on the field site.
  • In-person field education will include public health and safety measures specific to the field site.
  • Entirely remote field education for fall term is an option. 
  • Out-of-sequence field options can also be considered and should be discussed with your field faculty and/or the field office.

Student IT Resources

Financial Support During COVID-19

School of Social Work Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund helps students with food, transportation, housing and other needs. Contact the Office of Student Services at (734) 936-0961 or


Students with unexpected costs related to COVID-19 may request U-M CARES Act Emergency Funding through the Student Self-Service Page of Wolverine Access.

CEW+ Emergency Fund

CEW+ Emergency Funds are for unexpected financial emergencies that threaten to derail degree progress including funding issues that are a result of COVID-19. Contact CEW+ to schedule a phone appointment.

Child Care Subsidy

U-M offers a Child Care Subsidy to assist with the cost of licensed child care of young, dependent children. U-M has temporarily changed eligibility criteria for the Child Care Subsidy beginning fall term 2020. During this temporary period, child care expenses from any licensed child care provider will be eligible for reimbursement under the subsidy.

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