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Read and follow the Core Responsibilities.
  • The provost has stated that you must continue to work remotely to reduce the density in our building and on campus. If you need assistance with your internet connection or computer contact
  • You may enter the building when you are teaching your classes. If you need to enter the building for other business please contact Check the Provost’s list of criteria for entering the building.
  • For information about your office equipment and furniture contact
  • Learn about where and when you must wear a mask on campus and where and when you can remove your face mask.
  • All non-essential travel is restricted.
  • All non-essential visits must be suspended.

Well-being Resources


Call Occupational Health Services at (734) 764-8021. Phone lines are available 6 AM-8 PM each day if you are sick and/or have questions related to COVID-19. Screening questions will be asked to determine next steps and whether you need to seek COVID-19 testing and where to get tested.

Fall Teaching

  • We have asked all course instructors to plan for hybrid/flipped fall classes. Please reference the email message from May 23 for details.
  • The class schedule has been completed. Check out the Canvas site for details.
  • Checkout the Canvas site with training resources to help you with your course planning.
  • Residential classes will not resume after Thanksgiving.
  • After Thanksgiving the semester will conclude online.
  • We explored options for arranging in-person class offerings, while maintaining the one-third building capacity. To accomplish this, in-person class sessions can be held once every three weeks using only the large classrooms.
  • We anticipate that there will be a percentage of our students who must be exclusively remote this fall due to factors like health status, caregiving responsibilities, housing or immigration issues. For this reason:
    • We will be offering a number of classes and class sections fully online this fall. Determinations are being made about which classes will be online.
    • We anticipate there will be some number of students who will enroll in the residential/hybrid classes and then cannot attend the in-person class sessions. Please consider how you will accommodate these students, based on the structure of your particular class.

Childcare Challenges

Expanded FMLA

Expanded FMLA (E-FMLA) provides partial pay when childcare needs result from the closure of a childcare facility or for the days on which the child’s school offers only virtual instruction. E-FMLA requires an application and compliance with federal rules and offers partial pay for E-FMLA time taken through Dec. 31, 2020. U-M HR has developed a set of resources for in-home care and tutoring

Leave Options

Certain paid and unpaid time off options are available for this circumstance, including Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) time for qualifying events. Vacation time, temporary reductions in effort, unpaid time off or personal leaves and modified work schedules are additional options available with supervisor approval. Please review the updated information on time off options on the COVID-19 page of the University HR website.

Medical Concerns about Onsite Work

Employees may request accommodation for serious medical conditions in consultation with Work Connections. Others may have underlying conditions of lesser severity or concerns about returning to the workplace for other reasons. Contact your supervisor and Work Connections for additional information.

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